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Fatty Liver Disease

Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

fatty liver diseaseThe earliest stage of fatty liver disease is usually quite easy to reverse by dietary and lifestyle changes. However, if left untreated the liver damage will become more severe and it can lead to cell death and scarring (liver cirrhosis). At that point it often becomes irreversible and requires a liver transplant.

If you suffer from fatty liver disease or feel you may be at risk of developing a fatty liver, then below  are a few guidelines that you might want to take a look at to help prevent and perhaps reverse this condition:

The first thing is to lose weight gradually and keep it off for the long-term. Keep away from these rapid weight loss diet programs that recommend eating weird and wonderful things and it is ill advised to go down the gastric bypass route as both of these options are more than likely to give you further problems and some cases have been linked to the causes of fatty liver disease.

Instead, you might want to try a program like The Diet Solution which is a very popular diet  for losing weight and keeping it off.

Fatty Liver Disease Diet Advice

With any true diet you will need to put in some effort even if you only exercise at least 30 minutes per day. A more popular exercise is resistance exercising and recent studies have shown that this type of exercise can help improve a fatty liver and is a lot easier for people who are overweight and/or obese because they don’t need to work their cardio-respiratory system as much.

With most diets you will need to make dietary changes that limit fat consumption to less than 30% of the daily calorie intake. A common misconception can arise if you decided for instance too “eat more fruits and vegetables”, whilst most vegetables are good for you some fruits (especially those containing large amounts of fructose) can do more harm than good for people with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

A great source for more information on specific diet plans and foods that can be incorporated easily into a diet is at the Fatty Liver Solution web site.

Also something that works well is having smaller meals more frequently, as apposed to large feasts. This is recommended not only for fatty liver patients.

Don’t miss annual health check-ups and keep in touch with your doctor on a regular basis. This is important for catching fatty liver disease early and giving you the best chance of reversing the disease before it progresses to liver cirrhosis.

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If you’re overweight you may already have a fatty liver or will develop a fatty liver in the future. If you are diagnosed early on then you have every chance to reverse non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.