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The Fatty Liver Solution Review

The Fatty Liver Solution

This is not a review as to whether this treatment works (read this 50 year old mans story) but more about what is included within this course of treatment.

I understand that some of you are just gathering information related to fatty liver disease, which is fine. Others have the fore mentioned condition in some degree and are looking for help and this review is primarily written for you.

The Fatty Liver Solution was put together by Duncan Capicchiano N.D.

Who has spent many years researching fatty liver disease and putting his findings into practice with his own patients. He has documented all his patients results and created an instantly downloadable solution which you can implement immediately. It is a fatty liver diet with a difference, it is natural and most importantly it works.

You may be thinking, why don’t I just go on a diet and lose some weight myself. Well here’s how it works.

1. The primary source of energy in people is Glycogen (which is a form of carbohydrates)

2. Glycogen is stored in the muscles and once they are full, it is stored in the liver. This means that once the liver is full the body recognizes that it is full of carbohydrates.

3. Body fat is burned only when glycogen from the blood, muscles and finally liver is depleted.

A very simple and basic fatty liver solution…

In people with fatty liver, the liver holds on to the carbohydrates in it’s tissue and thus imitates a situation where the body is full of carbs. In this situation, the body “thinks” that there is no need to reach for the body fat because it has all the carbs it needs. Therefore a fatty liver can actually prevent you from losing weight.

This can even result in our body decomposing muscle for energy instead of burning fat. This causes problems in the body of the fatty liver sufferer…

The Fatty Liver Solution Book

Here’s a glimpse into what’s inside this fatty liver diet book.

  • An individualized treatment strategy for Fatty Liver Disease: Including precise treatment strategies to relieve you from the most troublesome symptoms, including weight that just won’t budge, fatigue, abdominal pain, flatulence, bloating, nausea, blood sugar imbalances, high cholesterol, nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite and many more. (Chapter 5)
  • The 8 most common causes of Fatty Liver Disease, plus a few more you should know about. (The first step back to health is figuring out what made you sick in the first place. Makes sense, doesn’t it?) pg. 17
  • The ‘Ins and Outs’ of Fatty Liver Disease and how you can use your new skills to beat it. (Chapter 1)
  • My exclusive Fatty Liver Diet: That de-activates the ROOT cause of fatty liver disease, allowing improved healing, digestive health and easy weight loss – featuring helpful dieting tips and delicious ready-to-eat recipes. (pg. 60)
  • The exact herbs and nutrients you should take to melt away the fat and restore your liver to perfect health. Just look for them at your nearest health food store, or order them from one of the online dealers listed in the “Resources” section. (PLUS, how to get them naturally in the foods you eat.) pg. 26
  • The delicious “Secret Healing Shake” recipe that you’ll have at your command to nourish and support your liver whenever you choose. (pg. 92)
  • Why “Western Medicine” only masks the symptoms instead of treating the problem at its source. (And could be doing you more harm than good). (pg. 14)
  • The unique Step-by-Step program that that effectively treats and reverses Fatty Liver Disease at the core, no matter what label your doctor has given it:Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), alcoholic fatty liver, hepatic steatosis, steatohepatitis (pg. 46)
  • The “2-Phase Treatment Plan”. Chances are Phase 1 is all you’ll need… but just in case, there is Phases 2, to cover all the bases. It’s all detailed in (pg. 52)
  • Tasty ‘juicing’ recipes that rapidly start the healing process by dousing the liver in nourishing vitamins and minerals. plus much much more……

If you are serious about reversing fatty liver disease then check out the fatty liver solution.

Resources: Symptoms of Fatty Liver Disease , What Causes a Fatty Liver

If you follow the fatty liver solution you won’t require prescription pills for the rest of your life because you will be tackling the problem at the source.

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