Is High Cholesterol Linked to Fatty Liver?

Is High Cholesterol Linked to Fatty Liver?High Cholesterol levels are linked to fatty liver disease. More importantly, you are likely to accumulate fatty deposits not only in your liver but in your blood vessels. If this goes untreated, over time, these deposits will grow and form clots, making you more prone to heart attacks or strokes.

The most common denominator in high cholesterol levels & having a fatty liver is something called C-reactive protein (CRP) which is produced by the liver. (CRP) levels rise when there is inflammation in your body.

High Cholesterol combined with a fatty liver, in most people, causes inflammation that the body tries to heal by sending a “response team” of proteins called “acute phase reactants.” CRP is one of these proteins.

So put simply having fatty liver disease & high Cholesterol levels cause the arteries to swell which in turn causes inflammation. The liver produces C-reactive protein (CRP) to help combat inflammation.

The bigger problem is CRP levels are already high in patients with fatty liver disease & combined with High Cholesterol only increases these levels.

Which begs the question.

Can high levels of c-reactive protein cause weight gain?

Surprisingly yes but not in the way you think.

Too much of this small protein (CRP) actually blocks a crucial fat-burning hormone called adiponectin and damages your mitochondria which means your body can’t break down the nutrients you need for energy.
High levels of this protein actually cause the body to go into “survival mode” which as we all know tells the body to hang on to fat cells

So, if the condition of your liver causes higher levels, inflamed arteries caused by high cholesterol increases the levels & being overweight increases CRP levels it’s no wonder a large percentage of people struggle with consistently losing weight.

I would go so far as to say that with levels this high most diets theoretically wouldn’t work very well.

It seems like a catch 22 situation.

Being overweight can cause fatty liver disease which increases (CRP) levels but also contributes to having high Cholesterol levels which also increases (CRP) levels. All three together push up (CRP) levels which conveniently prevents you from losing weight.

I will be honest. I only found all this out because a friend of mine is seriously overweight and had to have a CRP test.

I would always recommend a fatty liver diet program which in most cases is enough to bring these levels down but for some, this may take some time to see good results.

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